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About Us


Founded in 2018, the Conejo Valley Triathlon Team (CVTT) is a non-profit organization and multisport club. Team members include athletes of all abilities, from beginners to experienced triathlete veterans. CVTT offers members structured workouts, a variety of clinics, sponsor and partner discounts, race support, social meetings and any other additional resources to help each and every member reach their triathlon potential.   

Our Mission


The mission of the Conejo Valley Triathlon Club shall be to improve the physical fitness and mental well-being of all members of the Conejo Valley community through the promotion and encouragement of the sport of triathlon. We will train together and support other members of our team and triathlon community as each of us strive to reach their personal goals.   

Our Leadership Team


Eric and Jennifer Chebi have a vision to create and maintain a fun, social, supportive, rewarding, competitive triathlon environment and community in the Conejo Valley. They love the sport of triathlon and it has enriched their lives mentally and physically beyond their imagination. They want to share their experience with team members, friends, family, sponsors and partners alike. We hope you’ll join their vision and triathlon journey. 


Team Workouts


Free, planned and structured weekly workouts will be available to all CVTT members. Our workouts typically include Wednesday Night Group Runs from Fleet Feet in Westlake Village, Saturday Group Rides with CVC Cyclists and Sunday Trail Runs from Cheseboro Canyon.

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Clinics and Workshops


We support and collaborate with local shops and coaches to provide our members with the resources they need to accomplish their training goals. Upcoming clinics, workshops and information sessions can be found here.

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Team Races


We have designated many Team Races for the 2019 calendar year. Our goal is provide race support (tent, camaraderie, nutrition and fun) for all team races.

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Swim Faster


Conejo Valley Triathlon Team Members receive 60% off on XTERRA Wetsuits and 55% off on XTERRA's paddleboards. 




Ditch the gels, chews and pills and go all day with just Tailwind. All you need, all day. Really. Discounts will be available to Conejo Valley Triathlon Members beginning January 2019. 




Located in the heart of Westlake Village, Fleet Feet, offers industry-leading running brands and 3D foot-scanning technology where the FIT Process is all about YOU.  Discounts are available to Conejo Valley Triathlon members.


Bike Shop

Friendly staff, expert service department, friendly staff since 1966.

Located in Newbury Park, this shop offers a great selection, expert service department and friendly staff. Discounts are available to Conejo Valley Triathlon Team members. 


Local Meal Prep


Owned by one of our Conejo Valley Triathlon Team Members, Macro Meals is a local meal prep company bringing you healthy, tasty and convenient meal options to your door step. Prepared and delivered within 24 hours so your food is always fresh. Pick your portion and create your meals. They say that "Abs are Made in Their Kitchen." They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner and discounts are available to Conejo Valley Triathlon members.


Local and Friendly Cycling Club


Established over 30 years ago, Conejo Valley Cyclists (CVC) was created to promote and encourage both amateur racing and recreational bicycling. CVC is the friendly club and they offer organized road and mountain bike rides which are led by dedicated, volunteer club members. The rides roll out up to five days per week. Multiple ride levels are offered, ranging from beginner to advanced.  CVTT weekly rides will be lead by the CVC ride leaders. 

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Cool. Comfy, Comfortable, Polarized Sunglasses.

Cool. Comfy. Comfortable. Polarized Sunglasses. All Styles are $20.

Whether it's camping in Yosemite, laying out on the beach in the Amalfi Coast, or perhaps taking a Selfie in Rome; they believe there's always an affordable pair of cool sunglasses that will fit your unique lifestyle!  

Founders Catalina Martinez and Sebastian Salazar are two individuals happily married, with a passion for sunglasses, adventure, outdoors and sports. A special discount is offered to CVTT members.




Looking to Sponsor the Team or Be A Partner?

Our goal to have over 100 members, which makes a great opportunity for you to market your business, goods or services to a dynamic, dedicated and committed group of consumers and athletes. With several sponsorship levels, you will receive advertising and promotion for your business through group emails, our CVTT website, Facebook and Instagram pages, team clothing/accessories and much, much more. Since we are a 501 (c)(3) organization, it is an excellent opportunity for a write-off, too! 

We hope you’ll support us and your newly founded Conejo Valley Triathlon Team...we promise to support you, too! Contact us today!

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Contact Us

Email us and find out how we can help you meet your triathlon goals, sign-up to receive our weekly emails or call us at 805-558-3428

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